You may think main tool in fishing is your high dollar reel?, Maybe that $300 rod?, No it's clearly the line!!  Wrong again. It's your HAND! That's right your hand, the most versatile and sensitive feedback tool known to man. Without protecting it, it's simply useless, sunburn? blisters? sore achy hands? How about that 3-4 day tournament, or when the fish are on fire, one catch after another? When your hands hurt so bad you can barely grip your rod / reel?  The discomfort and lack of confidence will take you out of your fishing game.  Not anymore, BASS ADDICTION GEAR has the answer, the FLIP GRIP GLOVE.  After years of research and testing by many anglers, this glove gives you protection where you need it in every zone.  Anglers wanted padding in wear zones, the rod handle, the frontal palm area and the heal of the palm. They wanted grip and durability, so we designed grip in the crucial areas where you need it to grasp your favorite combos and hold on! Most important comfort and sun protection, check, we done that as well.  Let’s face it, the top of your hand gets nice a red during a long day of fishing. The FLIP GRIP GLOVE, restore protection and confidence in your most important tool, and DOMINATE YOUR DAY!

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