Ever wanted to tweak that favorite soft plastic bait a shade this way or that?  Tired of using the same baits over and over?  Are your fish seeing the same baits over and over? There is a custom baits answer, BASS ADDICTION BAITS!!  We can customize your colors,have a custom color in mind? Want watermelon and black? DONE, want an all black craw with gold fleck? DONE, any mix and match color you can think of we can create. Some of our best colors come from some of our customers getting creative.


Custom runs minimum orders are 4 bags. 


Use can the "Contact us" button on top of the page to make your request and we will get back with you as soon as possible. Or you can contact us via facebook, email (, text or call. Once we have the details of what you want us to make, you can complete your purchase by selecting the bait below.